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North Sea 2: the tent of progress

Glimpse into the world of E-FWD, where energy’s forward thinkers drive the movement to secure, clean energy. Senior strategic leaders influence outcomes by engaging in events, insights, and connectivity.

By Patrice Burnside, Senior Membership Manager, E-FWD


Sometimes, the best place to drive the energy transition is inside a tent.

Not just any tent, of course, but an electric blue, electric green, E-FWD tent.

After all, that's where significant conversations play out... where leaders push the boundaries of how they tackle the energy transition, utilising a discreet, yet highly connected, and output-oriented environment.

This is the nature of E-FWD. Handpicked members, operating at senior, strategic level, come together to workshop industry-wide challenges.

Personally, organisationally, and as an industry: progress happens at every level.

But don't take our word for it.

Hear from a senior energy safety expert, who recently attended North Sea 2, an E-FWD event.

She writes:

It's no longer "death, taxes and decommissioning", it's a rebirth of the North Sea in CCS. It's North Sea 2. Really enjoyable working group session on the rebranding of decommissioning towards a repurposing and *circular economy* approach. So many existing skills are going to be repurposed as part of this fledgling industry. Great to be a part of E-FWD this evening.

Intrigued? Check out the sizzle below. Or, contact us and we'll be in touch.

E-FWD events + insights = action

E-FWD membership unlocks invaluable connectivity, enriched by exceptional energy insights.

This event featured a critical discussion around a paper by the same name: North Sea 2. It was produced by Our Scottish Future, a thinktank backed by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Before anyone else in the market, our members got priority access to this actionable whitepaper, including a foreword by Mr Brown. The content of the paper was discussed and debated at the E-FWD North Sea 2 event, with the paper's author, Nick Butler, fielding questions.

Topical workshops — focused on jobs and skills, decommissioning, and offshore wind optimisation — then took place among small groups of industry experts inside tents.

The outputs of these workshops now inform a whitepaper, which will be shared with Government leaders.

Our members seek every opportunity to influence outcomes. In that spirit, a constructive and challenging dialogue took place between E-FWD members, policymakers, and union reps attending the event.

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So, what do members think about E-FWD?

Hear from a senior finance director for a major bank, who recently attended North Sea 2.

He writes:

Just attended a thought-provoking session at E-FWD discussing the future of jobs, skills, decommissioning, and offshore wind. The highlight of the session was the political panel including Kwasi Kwarteng that provided valuable insights into the topic. It was a great opportunity to learn and network with industry experts.

E-FWD redefines meaningful forums for collaboration in a sector where jobs depend on it.
As one of our members says:
I have to say, the E-FWD pieces are some of the best journalism I have read on the subject of the energy transition. They strike the perfect balance between explaining often very complex economics and assuming the reader has a genuine interest and existing knowledge. 

There is zero sensationalism, it is well referenced and the content is often linked to other interesting E-FWD articles, a rabbit hole I'm delighted to fall down and come out the other side more educated.
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Influence outcomes

The energy transition is in progress. Outcomes will be shaped and defined by senior, strategic leaders who successfully engage policy makers and media.

This is what E-FWD is all about.

We exist to support the goals you hold as a professional, and to help further the vision and objectives embraced by your organisation.

E-FWD does this by connecting experts from public and private sector with peers, journalists, academics, and policy shapers.

With E-FWD membership, you get:

  • Access to quarterly events
  • Exclusive UK energy journalism and insight
  • Connection with the top tier of energy leaders

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