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Member feedback shapes the delivery of E-FWD events. From content, to format, to outcomes, we listen to your priorities. That's why, on Tuesday 05 March, 2024,  we will tackle North Sea 2. This gathering will take place in the Aberdeen Journals Office, located in central Aberdeen from 4pm - 9.30pm.

Three workshops will be offered. Members will explore solutions to immediate challenges, including:

  •  Jobs and skills development
  •  Decommissioning
  •  Offshore wind optimisation

Attendees will choose their preferred workshop. After the workshops, the entire membership will reconvene to discuss the outcomes, engage with policy makers, and network.

Register Interest in North Sea 2_engage with peers

Members drive the E-FWD agenda

Because E-FWD is driven by its membership, we are pleased to announce the members who will serve as moderators of each workshop.

Jobs and skills development will be moderated by Peter Tipler, Managing Director of X-Academy . Decommissioning will be moderated by Phil Milton, CEO of Well-Safe Solutions . Offshore wind optimisation will be moderated by Andrew Macdonald, Director of Offshore Wind Development, and Andy Overton, Head of Business Development, both of ORE Catapult.

Members say they want E-FWD to use its connectivity to aid their business transition to cleaner energy.

For this reason, we will host a panel of policy leaders and shapers who will observe the workshops, and be available to take questions and feedback in the evening. Come prepared to share your examples of how energy policy affects the workforce, outputs, and direction of your organisation.


Attend Event

When: Thursday 23 November
Where: Aberdeen Journals Office, 5th Floor Marischal Square, Aberdeen AB10 1BL



Session 1
North Sea Energy Transition: The Big Picture
with John Selwyn Gummer (The Rt Hon. the Lord Deben)


Session 2
CCUS Country Attractiveness Index Launch
with E-FWD and GaffneyCline 


Transfer to Aberdeen Art Gallery, Schoolhill, Aberdeen, AB10 1FQ

Drinks reception followed by E-FWD Executive (North C-Suite) dinner with The Rt Hon. Gordon Brown, Aberdeen Art Gallery

Event concludes.


To attend the March event, you must be part of the E-FWD community.

So, what's E-FWD all about?

In a collaborative space, E-FWD members shape the energy future. They unlock actionable insights through top-tier journalism, invaluable networking, and laser-focused events tackling the industry's biggest challenges.

Membership will be considered for senior strategic leaders shaping the North Sea energy transition. Explore more with E-FWD membership


Founder Members: register for this event at

Our first event featured commercially valuable sessions and an inspirational keynote by our former Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Gordon Brown. Catch the full recap here. The second event builds upon many of these focal points, including decarbonisation, jobs and skills, and offshore wind. 

E-FWD Founder Membership: your ticket to North Sea 2

Will you be in the room this March?

We certainly hope so. The energy transition is in progress. Outcomes will be shaped and defined by senior, strategic leaders who successfully engage policy makers and media.

This is what E-FWD is all about.

We exist to support the goals you hold as a professional, and to help further the vision and objectives embraced by your organisation.

E-FWD does this by connecting experts from public and private sector with peers, journalists, academics, and policy shapers.

With E-FWD membership, you get:

  • Access to quarterly events, including North Sea 2
  • Exclusive UK energy journalism and insight
  • Connection with the top tier of energy leaders

To explore membership, and to learn more about this event, please register your interest by submitting the form. We'll be in touch soon!

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