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Calling energy's forward thinkers 

E-FWD's inaugural event represents a pivotal moment in shaping the discourse of senior North Sea leaders. For those who couldn't join this transformative gathering, we've shared some of the key insights that continue to resonate across the energy sector.

First, a bit of background about E-FWD. Our members represent an essential and exclusive community of senior, strategic North Sea leaders. They are committed to driving the movement to clean and secure energy. Founding members enjoyed a unique evening of open, honest dialogue on the North Sea energy transition at E-FWD’s inaugural event.

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Inaugural event recap

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Why you can’t miss the next event....

With a session focussed on Offshore Wind, the next E-FWD members event will bring together senior decision makers for another evening of fruitful solution-oriented dialogue and collaborative workshops.

Keen to guarantee your spot in the room? Register your interest today and we will get back in touch. Numbers are limited.  The event is an exclusive in-person gathering held under Chatham House Rules.  It will not be live streamed.  

Overview of Inaugural Event

Thursday 23 November 2023

Next event date to be released shortly, watch this space

This inaugural event from E-FWD marked the launch of our series of quarterly event clusters, bringing members and experts together to discuss and shape key North Sea energy topics.

The event was hosted by Roger Harrabin, journalist and former BBC energy and environment analyst.

Attend Event

When: Thursday 23 November
Where: Aberdeen Journals Office, 5th Floor Marischal Square, Aberdeen AB10 1BL



Session 1
North Sea Energy Transition: The Big Picture
with John Selwyn Gummer (The Rt Hon. the Lord Deben)


Session 2
CCUS Country Attractiveness Index Launch
with E-FWD and GaffneyCline 


Transfer to Aberdeen Art Gallery, Schoolhill, Aberdeen, AB10 1FQ

Drinks reception followed by E-FWD Executive (North C-Suite) dinner with The Rt Hon. Gordon Brown, Aberdeen Art Gallery

Event concludes.


The Global CCUS Investment Index Launch

In partnership with GaffneyCline, E-FWD revealed the pioneering Global CCUS Investment Index, unpacking an in-depth analysis of the top 20 countries for CCUS investment. Members gained exclusive access to critical insights into carbon capture, utilisation, and storage.




Keynote address by The Rt Hon Gordon Brown

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown shared profound perspectives on the trajectory of UK energy policy, voicing valuable insights into the journey toward net zero, reflections on climate change talks at COP conferences, and potential policy shifts in the event of a 2024 General Election.


Member-exclusive sessions

Former chairman of the UK's independent Climate Change Committee and Secretary of State for the Environment

The Rt Hon Lord Deben, former chair of the UK’s independent Climate Change Committee, offered first hand insights into the North Sea industry's political dynamics. Lord Deben outlined where he thinks the energy transition is going, where the blockers are, and what opportunities are potentially being missed.


Business-critical CCUS analysis panel

A panel featuring GaffneyCline, Storegga, CCU International, and the North Sea Transition Authority engaged in detailed discussions on the North Sea CCUS industry and the UK's role in attracting crucial investment for carbon capture projects.

What's next: E-FWD's future focus on offshore wind

E-FWD members can anticipate another exclusive event, this time centred around Offshore Wind. The platform will once again facilitate solution-oriented dialogues and collaborative workshops among senior decision-makers.

Register your interest today to secure your place at the forefront of industry dialogue, exclusive content, and unparalleled networking opportunities.


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